Policy of exchange/return of products from CW-X

In the case of exchange / return after receiving the product CW-X

The CW-X ensures maximum customer satisfaction in the event that the product does not fit properly or the style is not satisfactory. You can exchange products with CW-X.

1. The customer will return the product of CW-X with the following conditions.

1.1 Must not be unpacked Product code and price tags, product care labels attached to the product

1.2 CW-X must be in its original condition, not washed. No stains caused by trying the product. for hygiene All types of worn products are non-refundable.

1.3 The product to be replaced must be of the same price as the product to be replaced.

1.4 The return must not exceed 1 time and not more than 20 days from the date of payment.

2. The customer must inform the registration number to send the product back to CW-X to confirm the return of the product to CW-X.

In the case of exchange / return before receiving the product CW-X

1. The customer must cancel the original order that the customer wants to change the online order information such as size, color, phone number, delivery. address, etc.

2. The customer places an order in a new order. according to the online order information that customers want

3. Refund on the original purchase order. will be refunded according to the conditions Company refund