Privacy Policy of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited can be found at

Consent regarding personal information for Affiliate Campaigns are as follows:

1. The above data collection is intended for use and disclosure. For the benefit of the data owner And the benefits to the company’s business are trading of products, organizing promotional activities. (by sending information via SMS or e-mail), market research, data analysis, publicity of the company’s products. and contacting for research inquiries to develop distribution channels

2. Such information will be collected until the data subject withdraws consent. and such information may be used or disclose to employees, officers or operators of the Company and such use or disclosure is for the benefit of the owner of the information. and/or in order to comply with the law and/or for the purposes stated in clause 1.

3. Personal data that the data subject has provided to the company Will be kept, used and disclosed appropriately in accordance with the security measures of the Company’s personal information.

4. The data subject has the right to withdraw or withdraw their consent. or request a copy Please disclose the acquisition or object to the collection, use, disclosure or request for deletion, destruction, making it impossible to identify or request to suspend the use of data or request that the information be corrected You can contact us at Call Center at 02-296-9979 or email to or cancel manually via

5. In the event that the owner of the information does not provide the information or request to withdraw consent or revoke consent The data subject will not have membership or have their membership cancelled.

6. Member agrees to post pictures of the company’s products. and/or use the product description text according to item 1. without using the product image for any other benefit and does not cause the company damage or damage reputation If a member has posted a picture or uses a descriptive text beyond the use according to the purpose of clause 1 until causing damage or damage to the company’s reputation Member agrees to be responsible for such damage.

7. Members agree that the Company collects, uses and discloses the information provided or contained. or at the company obtained or accessed from other sources and allows recipients of information from the Company to collect, aggregate, use and disclose such information for the purposes that have been notified to the Company.

8. Members confirm that they have reached the age of majority. have complete consciousness not an insane person not incompetent and not a quasi-incompetent person while giving this consent