“Good health comes with tiredness, but it’s worth”

🏃 ♀ People can have good health. born from taking care of yourself Exercising, eating, and resting need a lot of care.

🤔However, the word “tired” usually occurs when we exercise most of the time. More or less tired depending on our own training program. If we can control the tiredness to be in the right spot. We can train continuously, have fun, enjoy exercising.

Which fatigue can be divided into two main types:
Tired at 1 Tired of muscles 👉 caused by our resistance training defy gravity The more weight you use, the more muscles will have to exert yourself. resulting in muscle fatigue fast heartbeat and make us tired But this fatigue is exchanged for the beauty of the muscles, strength, endurance, shape, etc.

Tired at 2 Tired of breathing 👉 Of course, training like aerobics, running, brisk walking, or spinning is a training that requires a lot of breathing. If we do not have fitness We will get tired easily. Therefore, we should gradually increase the intensity, increase the distance or increase the exercise time longer. for the body to adjust When we reach the point called “fit”, then we will get tired of the younger. and tired effectively as well

If today we start to adjust the word “tired” to have more meaning for ourselves. We will know that “tired” the right way will definitely help our health to be strong 💪🤗

Be a better you